Medical Floors

Making Hospital And Medical Floors Healthy, Hygienic And Beautiful

If you run a hospital or medical facility, an important consideration is a durable floor that is hygienic, safe, non-slip and easy to maintain. With our polyurea polyaspartic concrete floor coating system, your hospital and medical floor will meet the highest standards for hygiene by restricting bacteria growth and dirt accumulation. Our specialized concrete floor coating ensures a durable non-slip floor that can be both decorative and functional. Additionally, your floor will stay odor-free because the environmentally friendly coating does not contain harmful chemicals.

Minimize bacteria growth on your hospital floors

Moisture and bacteria growth are common problems that interfere with the hygiene of medical floors. In general, flooring tends to accumulate dirt, creating a breeding ground for bacterial growth. If there are seams in the floor, such as in tile or vinyl floors, the joints attract dirt. Epoxy coatings, which only stick to the floor surface, tend to delaminate with the pressure caused by the moisture, even though they are seamless. They develop frayed micro-scratches on the surface that trap dirt and moisture, creating the ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

The tight chemical structure of our polyurea polyaspartic concrete coating minimizes relative humidity, preventing bacteria growth on your medical floor. The straight micro-scratches on our polyurea Polyaspartic coating discourage bacteria growth. The proper surface preparation process and coating application prevent water pooling on the resurfaced floor.The result is healthy air quality and low-maintenance medical floors with reduced labor costs.

Cleaner air, healthier hospital and medical floors

With our polyurea polyaspartic concrete coating, your hospital floor can stay healthy for years to come. Concrete tends to have some amount of moisture and is porous by nature. This causes the moisture to travel to the surface of the concrete and increase the humidity in the air, inviting mold and bacteria. Ordinary epoxy floor coatings delaminate when this happens, damaging the concrete.

How our floor coating works

With our floor grinding system we apply the polyurea polyaspartic coating on the concrete hospital floor. This soaks into the concrete, sealing out the moisture, making your floor waterproof. You benefit through reduced mold and bacteria growth which enhances hygiene. The surface is easy to clean using just a neoprene squeegee and a broom. Since we build non-slip aggregate into the layers, your floor is safe and non-slip, meeting OSHA standards.

We service medical and hospital facility projects in and around Kansas and the Midwest, including Hutchinson, Derby, El Dorado, Newton, Haysville, Wichita, Topeka, Olathe, Overland Park, Gardner, Lansing, Leawood, Leavenworth, Lenexa, Merriam, Ottawa, Prairie Village and Shawnee.